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How does Google display advertising helps to attract buyers during different stages of buyers purchasing process ?

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What are the Key Metrics of App Store Optimization?

Recently i have hired an digital marketing agency for App Store Optimization (ASO) for our mobile app both on google play store and app store.

App store optimization is new to me. So far i have worked extensively on seo for website and web app but not on app store optimization. So it is a new learning for me.

When i was researching on the key metrics for app store optimization, I came across the following video in youtube (Key Metrics for App Store Optimization)

He has explained well on the key metrics for App Store Optimization (ASO) for both google play store and app store. Sharing those metrics for your information
App Store 1. App Title a. 30 Characeres b. Highest Impact 2. Subtitle a. 30 Characters 3. Keyword Spot a. 100 Characters 4. Downloads     a. The velocity of downloaded numbers 5. Reviews and Ratings 6. Retention Rate a. The ratio of Active Users/Total Downloads
Google Play Store 1. App Title a. 50 Characters 2. Short & Long Description a. The short description is the first 200 characte…

The Marketing Rule of 7

It takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place

How to Market to B2B Customers Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large by Lauren Vaccarello

Recently I happened to watch a video of Box, VP of Marketing, Lauren Vaccarello, delivering her speech on How to market to B2B customers Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large at "SaaStr 2017"
Please find excerpts from her speech

Top 10 things to know when marketing horizontal solutions
Align with SalesSet Targets by SegmentCompaniesSmall < 100 employees - Marketing should source 50-60% of lead generationMedium 100 - 1000 employees - Marketing ownership 20-30% of lead generationLarge >1000 employees - Marketing ownership 10% of lead generationAssign segment leads in marketingBuild Segment Specific messagingTechnology, automation and programmatic marketing is key for SMBDemandbasefor reverse IP LookupRadius or 6Sense for predictiveMarketoSales Insights to let sales know who's interestedOptimizelyfor experimentation and personalizationConductorfor SEOIntercomfor in-app messagingGreat Trial ExperiencePrepopulate some dataIn-app messaging and tutorial to onboardA/B test o…

Try Attribution Beta in Google Analytics

Google has released a new feature in Google Analytics - Attribution Beta

If you wonder what is attribution is? Let me explain the same

Attribution helps you to understand which channel and campaigns helped you to achieve the conversions

Eg: A Customer would have bought a watch in Amazon. But in the buying process, he would have lot of touchpoints

1. He would have searched for "Casio watches", Amazon would have populated the ad (PPC)
2. He left the website without purchasing. Later he will be followed several watch brand images (display ads)
3. Then the next day, he visits direct and searched for the specific Casio watch in black and made the purchase (direct)

This buyer's journey has 3 touch points.  PPC > Display Ads > Direct

Among above 3 channels, which one will get the actual credit is the biggest question mark?. To determine that, google analytics has Rules-based attribution models and Data-driven Attribution model

Rules-based Attribution Models Sourc…

Google I/O 2018 keynote in 14 minutes

Google has announced exciting features during its Google I/O 2018 on 8 May 2018. Watch the video to get a quick idea on the new exciting features of Google products

I have also listed down the new features released under each category below for those who don't have time to watch the video.  But to know the features in detail you have to watch the video. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed after watching the video

GmailSmart ComposeGoogle PhotosSuggested Actions Color RecreationChipTPU 3.0Google DuplexAI Assistant Calls local businessGoogle Assistant6 New VoicesContinued ConversationGoogle NewsKeep up with the news you care aboutUnderstand full storyEnjoy and support the news sources you loveAndroid P BetaAdaptive batteryApp ActionsSlicesDashboardDo Not DisturbShushStarred ContactsWind DownFirebaseML KitGoogle MapsFor youWalking NavigationGoogle LensVPSSmart Text SelectionStyle MatchIntegration with Google Photos

Comparison of Offline and Online/Digital Marketing

This article is for the people who are new to digital marketing and trying to understand it. In this article I have just made a comparison between Traditional/offline marketing and Digital/online Marketing Different channels of digital marketing is covered in my earlier blogs and I will be covering the same in future blogs as well Important thing to note is, the words or medium or technology will keep changing, but the fundamental remains the same. It can be online or digital marketing but the fundamental is same; only the medium/technology is different So lets look in to  what is marketing, offline marketing  &amp; online marketing.
What is Marketing ? Marketing is all about creating awareness/educating customers about a product/service.
What is Traditional/Offline Marketing ? Earlier Days, 1. People have directly met customers at their houses to market their product (Door to Door). 2. Used printed fliers to distribute at your home or public places 3. Ads through Newspaper 4. Ads through Rad…

Free Google Adwords PPC Kit from Hubspot

Good news for the people who are new to adwords or struggling to manage their adword campaigns. Hubspot & SEMRush has come together to help us with ultimate free Google Adwords PPC Kit
Download your free Adwords PPC Kit  :  Here
Adwords PPC Kit Contains
1. Ebook on How to Use Google Adwords
2. PPC Checklist
3. PPC Campaign Template

Ebook - Table of Contents1. What is Paid Search?        a. Introduction
      b. Paid vs. Organic Search
2. How to Use Paid Search 
      a. Landing Page Testing
      b. Finding New Keywords
      c. Getting in the Game
      d. Paid Search Can’t Stand Alone
3. How Paid Search Works 
      a. Keywords, Ads, & Landing Pages
      b. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Bidding
      c. Quality Score
      d. Keyword Match Types
4. Your Google AdWords Strategy 
      a. Keyword Strategy
      b. Account Structure
      c. Setting Your Budget
      d. Optimizing Ad Copy
5. Measuring Your Success
      a. Defining the Four Basic Metrics
      b. Combining the Four Basic Metrics
6. Final Thought