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SEO - On Page Optimization Factors

Search engine Optimization  - On Page Optimization 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is influenced by 2 major techniques. 

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

This article focus only on the On Page SEO factors. Details about off page seo factors can be found in my another article

Listed below are the 14 factors that affect the On Page SEO

1.     Page Title
a.    Add keywords to the title
b.    Don’t repeat the keywords
c.    Every page should have unique title
d.    Length of title 60-80 characters
e.    Stop words (Google will not consider)

2.     URL Structure
a.    Add your keywords in URL
b.    Don’t give space or special characters

3.     URL Canonicalization
a.    Set a preferred URL for your website
<link rel=”canonical” href=””/>
b.    Every page should be canonical

4.     Heading Tags
a.    Minimum 3 headings on a page
b.    Google gives highest preference for heading 1&2

5.     Content
a.   Good content is mandatory for any website. Your content should be relevant to the audience.
b.    It shouldn’t have copyright content. It should have original content
c.   Tools to check copyright content -   (to check similar content)
d. (to report copyright issues)
e.  (to check existing content)
f.  (article

6.     Bread crumbs
a.    Navigation in a website
b.    Majorly needed for news websites

7.     Internal Links
a.    Don't put more external links in your website
b.   Have more internal links so that the crawler runs in your website without leaving

8.     Anchor Links (Text)
a.    Link behind particular name

9.     ALT Text for images
a.   This text gives the description for your uploaded image in your site

10.  External Links
a.   Your website should be present in several external links. More the no of external sources(backlinks), more traffic to website and increases the page rank

11.  Meta tag
a.   Meta title
b.   Meta description
c.   Meta keywords  (to learn about metatags)
d.   if you change the website don’t forget to have “revisit” link

12.  Do follow & No follow

13.  Sitemap.xml
a.   write a file names as sitemap.xml
c.  to generate site map for your website

14.  Robots.txt
          Give instruction to crawler which should be crawled /not crawled

user-agent : google-bot
allow:/    (giving access for complete)
disallow:/admin/    (blocking a single folder)
allow: /admin/logo.jpg - (giving access to a single file )
upload the file in a location called


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