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5 Free Tools For Startups Marketing Team

Working in a start-up company, especially bootstrapped start-up company has several challenges. One of the major challe nges is  marketing with limited budget . We have to channelize the budget in right channel for right returns. Before doing that we need to experiment and identify the best strategy by keeping the cost minimum. There is no luxury in experimenting with an expensive strategy. Having worked in bootstrapped startups as a marketing manager for the past 3 years, I have listed out some  basic free tools  that I used during my initial days Excel One of the major challenge is, finding out the right database of Target Market. Especially for B2B market. Right strategy is collecting contacts during conference, research in LinkedIn, contacts collected through content marketing etc. But that is not sufficient always. People tend to purchase as well as research on their own. Purchased database has the disadvantage of being accessible to our competitors as well. So it

How To Extract Data from Web Pages using Excel ?

created using Originally posted on  Most of the time you have to copy paste some information from website for several purposes. Purpose can be anything ranging from List of Contacts in a particular page, List of Items, Description etc. Copy pasting is always a painful and most importantly time-consuming task. In this situation, excel makes your life easier and saves time. You can use excel to extract those fields from the website. Excel has a great option to extract data from the website. Please find out the steps below 1. Open Excel 2. Choose  From Web  Option Under  Data  Tab 3. When you Click  From Web  option,A pop up window will appear 4. Give the url of the website in the address field and click  Go 5. Select  Yes  if any prompt message appears . 6. Then Choose the  Arrow mark  that appears in the webpage 7. Then Click Import button