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5 Free Tools For Startups Marketing Team

Free tools for Marketing

Working in a start-up company, especially bootstrapped start-up company has several challenges. One of the major challenges is marketing with limited budget. We have to channelize the budget in right channel for right returns. Before doing that we need to experiment and identify the best strategy by keeping the cost minimum. There is no luxury in experimenting with an expensive strategy.
Having worked in bootstrapped startups as a marketing manager for the past 3 years, I have listed out some basic free tools that I used during my initial days


One of the major challenge is, finding out the right database of Target Market. Especially for B2B market. Right strategy is collecting contacts during conference, research in LinkedIn, contacts collected through content marketing etc. But that is not sufficient always. People tend to purchase as well as research on their own. Purchased database has the disadvantage of being accessible to our competitors as well. So it is always better to maximise our own database generation.
You have to spend time in researching on the target customer’s common forums or association etc where they would have listed out the companies and their contact details. Most of the time you have to copy paste the contacts which is a painful task. If you have found out the list of contacts or any other useful information, you can use excel to extract those fields from the website.
Excel has a great option to extract data from the website.
Excel - How to extract Data from Website using Excel 1
To know the steps in details. Please visit here

Often you have to create Graphic content for marketing. It can be for anything from your social media marketing campaign, email marketing campaign, marketing collaterals etc. Every time you have to be depended on the UI designer for graphic content. In start-up environment we don’t have much time to wait for the same. Canva is an amazing tool that helps you to design everything without any adobe photoshop skills. Iteasy to use interface helps you to create excellent designs with less time
canva free tool for graphic content

Another challenge for every marker is Email Campaign designs and affordable tool to achieve that. Mailchimp is the one of the best tools that allows you to create great html email designs at ease.
Most significantly it is free for 2000 subscribers with a limit of 12000 emails per month. Such a great tool to start with for any start-up companies
mailchimp - free email marketing tool

Organic search engine optimization is always the best way to get leads. But there are so many on-page and off-page techniques that has to be done to get your website optimized for target keywords.
SmallSeoTools is one of the best site that gives you more than 60 free tools to have a check on your on-page and off-page techniques.
Good news is, it is 100% free
small-seo free tool

Unless we Track and measure the efforts, it is of no use. Do your job, google analytics will do the rest in giving you all the insights you need
google analytics free analytics tool

Free Images
High Resolution images are always in demand right from website banners, social media graphic design, blog, marketing collaterals etc
The following webpages gives all at free of cost
There are lot more. Research a bit, you will get so much free resources


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