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How To Extract Data from Web Pages using Excel ?

Most of the time you have to copy paste some information from website for several purposes. Purpose can be anything ranging from List of Contacts in a particular page, List of Items, Description etc. Copy pasting is always a painful and most importantly time-consuming task. In this situation, excel makes your life easier and saves time. You can use excel to extract those fields from the website.
Excel has a great option to extract data from the website. Please find out the steps below
1. Open Excel
2. Choose From Web Option Under Data Tab
Excel - How to extract Data from Website using Excel 1
3. When you Click From Web option,A pop up window will appear
4. Give the url of the website in the address field and click Go
5. Select Yes if any prompt message appears
6. Then Choose the Arrow mark that appears in the webpage
7. Then Click Import button
8. Then Give the address of the cell where you would like to extract those data
9. This will extract and give you the data available in the web page
I have used the above url just for demo purpose. You can use the right url for right information


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