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Digital Marketing Trends for the year 2017

Found a Forbes article on the List of digital marketing trends for the year of 2017. Here are the list of marketing trends to watch out this year. Live Video Streaming Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Viral Marketing Behavior-based Email Marketing Visual Content Choose the best trends that suit your product/service. Read the post in detail in below link Post was written by Matthew Goulart, Founder of  Ignite Digitial , an experience-driven digital agency.

Free Credits for Bing ads – Search Marketing

Though Google AdWords has the largest market share in ppc ads, We can’t ignore the bing ads that holds 33% market share. Moreover, it is cost effective than Google Adwords and have lesser competition Bing is providing free  INR 3000  Credits for new users who sign up for bing tools and bing ads. Grab it before the offer ends. It is the right time to test the ROI with free credits and plan the long term strategy Click the below picture to get redirected to the destination page

How to calculate unique CTR % in Facebook?

You will not get the CTR% in any of the User interfaces of facebook company page. You have to use the Export data option to download the data. This Exported data has all the Facebook key metrics which is needed to calculate the unique CTR% Follow the steps to Export Data Before looking into the calculation , Let’s look into the actual definition of Total Reach and Total Impressions Total  Reach  = The number of  people  who have seen any content associated with your Page.  (Unique Users) Total Impressions   = The number of  impressions  seen of any content associated with your Page.  (Total Count) Total Impression > Total Reach (Total Impression is always greater that Total Reach, because Total Reach is count of content seen by every unique user but Impressions is the count of same content seen  by every user at multiple places. ) You can find the data in the exported sheet. The below screenshot will clearly showcase the same So Total Reach value shoul

How to Calculate Engagement Rate for Company Facebook Page?

Post Engaged Users – Insights Tab You can get the engagement rate of posts from Insights tab in company Facebook page for every post   Page Engaged Users – Data Export To calculate the Engagement Rate for the entire page, you can use the data by export option. This Exported data has all the Facebook key metrics What is an Engaged user of a page? The number of  people  who engaged with your Page. Engagement includes any click or story created.  (Unique Users) Engaged Users = Clicks + Stories (Likes, Shares, Comment) Calculation for Page Engagement Rate % Engagement Rate % = (Engaged Users*100) / Total Reach