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How to calculate unique CTR % in Facebook?

You will not get the CTR% in any of the User interfaces of facebook company page. You have to use the Export data option to download the data. This Exported data has all the Facebook key metrics which is needed to calculate the unique CTR%

Follow the steps to Export Data

Before looking into the calculation , Let’s look into the actual definition of Total Reach and Total Impressions
Total Reach = The number of people who have seen any content associated with your Page. (Unique Users)
Total Impressions = The number of impressions seen of any content associated with your Page. (Total Count)
Total Impression > Total Reach
(Total Impression is always greater that Total Reach, because Total Reach is count of content seen by every unique user but Impressions is the count of same content seen  by every user at multiple places. )
You can find the data in the exported sheet. The below screenshot will clearly showcase the same

So Total Reach value should be used to get Unique CTR %
Let’s look into the other values that give the data of clicks associated with each content
Total Consumer and Total consumption data gives the details of Clicks associated with the content
Again, let’s look into the actual definition of these 2 parameters
Total Consumers:
The number of people who clicked on any of your content. Stories that are created without clicking on Page content (ex, liking the Page from timeline) are not included. (Unique Users)
Total Consumers = Clicks (Unique users)
Total Consumption
The number of clicks on any of your content. Stories generated without clicks on page content (e.g., liking the page in Timeline) are not included. (Total Count)
Total Consumption = Clicks (Total Clicks)
Total Consumption > Total Consumers 
(Total consumption is always greater than the total consumer because Total consumer is count of unique users who clicked on the content, but total consumption is total no of clicks made by each unique user)
You can find the data in the exported sheet. The below screenshot will clearly showcase the same

So to get the unique CTR %, we have to use the unique values which is Total Reach and Total Consumers
Unique CTR% = (Total Consumers*100) / Total Reach
Reason behind using Total Consumers / Total Reach is both are unique users which will give the unique CTR%
For Generic CTR%   = (Total Consumptions*100) / Total Impressions
Here both Impressions and consumptions are not unique


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