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How to Increase lead generation by more than 100% using LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms?

Source: I t is a herculean task for SMB or startups to generate leads with limited budget. We have to be very careful in Marketing ROI. Seo is the best way for greater ROI. But it will take considerable amount of time to optimize. For short term you can rely on Google Adwords. Still Google Adwords depend on properly optimized landing page. Seo can’t be ignored at any stages. Having worked in a startup company and to deliver results with very limited budget, I always experimented free resources to generate/experiment lead generation. Initially tried Google Adwords using their INR 2000 promotional credits if we spend INR 500 . This gave me enough time to experiment and optimize keywords for conversion. Similarly researching for some other platform to experiment the lead generation possibilities with free credits. Recently LinkedIn offered $50 (INR 3500) credits to try their ad platform. Initially I have spent cer

How to track form submission goals in Google Analytics (GA) using Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

This blog will guide you on how to track form submission goals in Google Analytics (GA) using Google Tag Manager (GTM)? If you are wondering how to track the lead generation or sign up forms, that doesn’t have thank you page, you can use google analytics to track using form submission goal option Following are the procedures to be followed 1.  Addition of tracking code / Form Submit Event Tag using GTM 2.  Create Goals in Google Analytics Create Form Submit Event Tag using Google Tag Manager (GTM) Tracking code can be directly added to the page or it can be added using the Google Tag manager tags. Here we can look into how to add tags using Google Tag Manager 1.  Get the form id from the code (eg: contact-form) 2.  Add a form submit trigger a)  Enable form id variable under Built-in-variable b)  Create a form submit trigger i.  Choose form submission ii.  Select “Some forms” and give form id in the field; Form ID contains “contact-f

Free GIF Maker Tool from Google

Google has launched a free GIF maker tool which will convert your boring data into attractive GIF. Gif Maker Website Link : Here you can compare only 2 items. 1. Input the data to be compared in the Left Term and Right Term fields 2. Give the items to be compared in Name Fields 3. Give the values in Value Fields 4. Give the Details of Compared data in DATA Sample fields Click Launch Comparison button to get instant GIF Click Download As  GIF button to get the GIF file of DATA comparison Resulted GIF file is uploaded below for your reference

Google Free Tool for Auto Drawing

Google Auto Draw Most of the Marketer will be dependent on the UI designer for their marketing materials. Google provides a free tool for creating small vector diagrams for their marketing materials. This is called Google AutoDraw . It is an AI experiment, where a user can draw any shape using free hand. Then Google will suggest some of the nearest objects similar to the free hand drawing. You can choose the right object and then can add shapes, color, text etc Following options are available 1. Fill - To fill Colors 2. Shape - To draw shapes like Circle, Square, Triangle 3. Type - To add Texts 4. Draw - Free hand drawing 5. Auto Draw- Objects suggestions based on the free hand drawing 6. Select - To select objects