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How to solve Google Adsense Async syntax error?

Whenever you are trying to install google adsense code in your blog, you will get the following error message

Error parsing XML, line 3945, column 15: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character
Adsense code generated by Adsense

<script async src="//"></script>

But the above code is not right code.

Find the Right code below  [ You have to add the following syntax (='async') after async ]

<script async='async' src="//"></script>

Once you submit the above code. There won't be any error message and your code is submitted successfully

How to compare your adwords performance against your competitors?

It will be great if we get a data on how do we perform against our competitors. Google AdWords provides that option. You can find the same under Auction Insights

Under Auction Insights, you can see how successful your keywords, ad groups, or campaigns are compared to other advertisers participating in the same auctions. 
Note: This information is based on Google Search traffic for the date range you selected.
Step 1: Go to the respective campaign for which you have to see the insights. Then Click on the Details Tab

Step 2: You can find the "Auction Insights" option under Details Tab

Step 3: Now you can find the report of how you are performing against the competitors

Similarly, you can compare the insights based on Campaigns/Adgroups/Keywords. You can compare against All Campaigns/Adgroups/Keywords or against single Campaign/Adgroups/Keyword Choose between All or Selected Option to do the same
Impression Share:  “Impression share” is the number of impressions you received divided b…