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Excerpts from Digital Summit 2017 by EPGP IIM Bangalore

Last Sunday on 15 Oct 2017, i have attended the Digital Summit 2017, event organized by EPGP, IIM Bangalore. I am sharing some excerpts from the event for the benefit of others

Session 1:

Keynote address : Leadership in the Age of Digital Complexity
Mr. Jayesh Ghatge (Market Partner - India, Thoughtworks)

In the technology oriented future, organization doesn’t need specialists, it needs choreographers and great story tellers

Solution development strategy should be
  • Unleash your technology
  • Involve your customer
  • Release early update regularly
  • Kill IT department

Session 2:

Panel Discussion : Non-Intrusive marketing
Mr. Anil Vijay Pillai (Director, Terragni consulting),  
Mr. Sreekant Lanka (Head of Programmatic Account Strategy, Google)
Mr. Suraj Nambiar ( General Manager, Digital, Maxus)

Anil Vijay Pillai (Director, Terragni consulting)

Priming is non-intrusive marketing. Prime your customers on smell, touch,voice ,text
Market customers based on their contexts, whether they are in focus mode or exploratory mode

Sreekant Lanka (Head of Programmatic Account Strategy, Google)

Create micro moments for your customers
Deliver content to customers based on the context. Tailor your ads accordingly

Suraj Nambiar (General Manager - Digital, Maxus)

There is nothing called Digital Marketing. It is Marketing
Master Storytelling

Session 3:

Topic : Digital Ethnography

Vishal shah (VP Leadership Development, Wipro)

Use observation techniques across your customers, employees to understand better and provide solution accordingly
Have empathy which is the key component of ethnography

Session 4:

Topic : Digital Inclusion - An Indian perspective

Avnish Sabharwal (MD, Accenture Ventures & Open innovations)

Digitization of Indian companies are opportunistic rather than innovative or disruptive
Increase availability of digital infrastructure at rural and remote locations. Improve digital literacy

Panel discussion : Platform organizations solving market inefficiencies
Ms.Priya karnik (VP Business, Paytm)
Mr.Harsit Kumar (Sr Product mgr, Microsoft)
Mr.Prashant kondle (VP, Gocoop)
Mr. Piyush chowhan (VP & CIO, Arvind lifestyle Brands)

Ms.Priya karnik (VP Business, Paytm)

Timely solutions should be provided to the customers
Data drives platform

Mr.Harsit Kumar (Sr Product mgr, Microsoft)

Platforms existed for ages (Bazaar, Mandis etc). Now it is DIGITAL
60% of unicorns are platform based

Mr.Prashant kondle (VP, Gocoop)

In Platform based, Authenticity is critical factor
Creating sustainable opportunities for the people at Bottom of pyramid

Mr. Piyush chowhan (VP & CIO, Arvind lifestyle Brands)

Move from product centric to consumer centric
Build a platform which is able to scale up based on needs and changes for the customer

Session 5:

Topic: Design Thinking to drive Business Transformation

Rahul chenny (Executive IT Architect, IBM)

Read “Design of everyday things” by Don Norman
Focus on human problem rather than technical solutions
Empathy is the key to design
Loop : Observe, Reflect, Make
Treat everything as a unfinished product (Only then improvements will happen)


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