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Google I/O 2018 keynote in 14 minutes

Google has announced exciting features during its Google I/O 2018 on 8 May 2018. Watch the video to get a quick idea on the new exciting features of Google products

I have also listed down the new features released under each category below for those who don't have time to watch the video.  But to know the features in detail you have to watch the video. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed after watching the video

GmailSmart ComposeGoogle PhotosSuggested Actions Color RecreationChipTPU 3.0Google DuplexAI Assistant Calls local businessGoogle Assistant6 New VoicesContinued ConversationGoogle NewsKeep up with the news you care aboutUnderstand full storyEnjoy and support the news sources you loveAndroid P BetaAdaptive batteryApp ActionsSlicesDashboardDo Not DisturbShushStarred ContactsWind DownFirebaseML KitGoogle MapsFor youWalking NavigationGoogle LensVPSSmart Text SelectionStyle MatchIntegration with Google Photos

Comparison of Offline and Online/Digital Marketing

This article is for the people who are new to digital marketing and trying to understand it. In this article I have just made a comparison between Traditional/offline marketing and Digital/online Marketing Different channels of digital marketing is covered in my earlier blogs and I will be covering the same in future blogs as well Important thing to note is, the words or medium or technology will keep changing, but the fundamental remains the same. It can be online or digital marketing but the fundamental is same; only the medium/technology is different So lets look in to  what is marketing, offline marketing  & online marketing.
What is Marketing ? Marketing is all about creating awareness/educating customers about a product/service.
What is Traditional/Offline Marketing ? Earlier Days, 1. People have directly met customers at their houses to market their product (Door to Door). 2. Used printed fliers to distribute at your home or public places 3. Ads through Newspaper 4. Ads through Rad…

Free Google Adwords PPC Kit from Hubspot

Good news for the people who are new to adwords or struggling to manage their adword campaigns. Hubspot & SEMRush has come together to help us with ultimate free Google Adwords PPC Kit
Download your free Adwords PPC Kit  :  Here
Adwords PPC Kit Contains
1. Ebook on How to Use Google Adwords
2. PPC Checklist
3. PPC Campaign Template

Ebook - Table of Contents1. What is Paid Search?        a. Introduction
      b. Paid vs. Organic Search
2. How to Use Paid Search 
      a. Landing Page Testing
      b. Finding New Keywords
      c. Getting in the Game
      d. Paid Search Can’t Stand Alone
3. How Paid Search Works 
      a. Keywords, Ads, & Landing Pages
      b. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Bidding
      c. Quality Score
      d. Keyword Match Types
4. Your Google AdWords Strategy 
      a. Keyword Strategy
      b. Account Structure
      c. Setting Your Budget
      d. Optimizing Ad Copy
5. Measuring Your Success
      a. Defining the Four Basic Metrics
      b. Combining the Four Basic Metrics
6. Final Thought 

How Can You Ensure People Pay Attention To Your Video Ads?

Recently, i read an article by Tara Walpert Levy, Google’s VP of Agency and Media Solutions on the topic, The definition of relevance has changed Here's is how to address it.

In this article she has discussed on day to day marketing problems like

1. How to ensure people pay attention to our video ads ? 
2. Making ads relevant to both the viewer and the moment
3. Right ingredients to successfully grab a consumer's attention
4. What are the 3 ways ads can miss the relevancy mark and fail to get attention ?
5. Data on Intent base targeting Vs Demographic/Psychographics based Targeting
6. New features in Youtube to deliver the discussed strategies

 I have created a graphic for the major 3 points that enables the people to pay attention to your video ads

To read the full article, please visit 

Free Tools for Digital Marketing

I would like to start this article with a quote

"Always give back what you get. It feels great!

Major challenge For Marketers, especially for those who are working in a bootstrapped startup company is, working with constraints. Constraints can be anything, like time, money, resource, tools etc.

Having worked in several startups, i have been exploring several tools that can help to manage all these constraints. I have listed the tools below, that helped me to manage my marketing activities.

Free Tools For Digital Marketing 1. Web Analytics 1.Google Analytics
2. SEO 1.Google Webmaster/Search Console 2.Smallseotools 3.SEMRush 4.     Linkio
3. Keyword Planner 1.Google Keyword Planner
4. Paid Ads 1.Google Adwords 2.Bing Ads
5. Reports Presentation 1.Google Data Studio
6. Webpage Optimization 1.

How does Google display advertising helps to attract buyers during different stages of buyers purchasing process ?

As per Hubspot inbound marketing, Buyers purchasing process has 3 stages
Awareness -> Consideration ->  Decision

During Awareness stage the buyers realizes that he/she has a problem. So they will try to educate them more about their problem. This will happen through lot of secondary research, reading articles, white papers, research papers etc During Consideration stage they will define their problem and research for solution. They will dig deeper in to types of solution available in the market and try to compare the solutions. During Decision stage they chooses a solution. They look for product demos, videos, trial etc to make a well informed decision about the product.
Important Note :Each stage needs to have right education materials which has to be distributed through right channels
In this article, let us focus on one channel and how it helps to attract prospects based on the stage they are in buying process.  
Channel: Google Display MarketingGoogle Display Marketing helps you t…