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Comparison of Offline and Online/Digital Marketing

offline and online digital marketing
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This article is for the people who are new to digital marketing and trying to understand it.
In this article I have just made a comparison between Traditional/offline marketing and Digital/online Marketing
Different channels of digital marketing is covered in my earlier blogs and I will be covering the same in future blogs as well
Important thing to note is, the words or medium or technology will keep changing, but the fundamental remains the same. It can be online or digital marketing but the fundamental is same; only the medium/technology is different
 So lets look in to  what is marketing, offline marketing  & online marketing.

What is Marketing ?

Marketing is all about creating awareness/educating customers about a product/service.

What is Traditional/Offline Marketing ?

Earlier Days,
1. People have directly met customers at their houses to market their product (Door to Door).
2. Used printed fliers to distribute at your home or public places
3. Ads through Newspaper
4. Ads through Radio, Televisions etc
5. Bill boards at public places
6. Manual books etc at Stores
So, the customers got access to these marketing information at their house and public places
So they consume at Physical locations and consume physical information. This is offline medium

What is Online/Digital Marketing ?

Due to the evolution of internet. People have started to consume information through online mediums like websites, social media, blogs, email etc
So there is necessity for marketers to deliver messages to consumers through digital media as well.
So this medium of digital where marketers start delivering information through digital materials like images, photos, videos, e-book etc, this is called digital marketing

Comparison Table

Traditional/Offline Marketing

Online/Digital Marketing

Shop Address
Website URL
Outside board in the shop
Landing Page
Recommendation by shop keeper based on your purchase history
Recommended items in your online shopping website based on your purchase history
New products placed infront of the shelves at shop
New product suggestions at the banner of shopping websites
Door to Door Marketing
Email Marketing
Fliers inside Newspapers
Email Marketing
Bill boards/Posters in Public places
Google Display Ads
TV ads
YouTube/Video Ads
Your stall has been given first position in an exhibition event by Event organizers based on the quality of your products and brand name
SEO - You are the top in the google search results because of quality of your website & traffic
Your paid to the event organizers to place your stall in the first position
SEM/PPC (Google Adwords/Bing Ads) - You pay to the google search engine to make your website appear at the top of the search result
Ads - Fliers/Posters at places your frequently visit
Ads in Social media


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