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Free Google Adwords PPC Kit from Hubspot

Free Google Adwords PPC Kit
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Good news for the people who are new to adwords or struggling to manage their adword campaigns. Hubspot & SEMRush has come together to help us with ultimate free Google Adwords PPC Kit

Download your free Adwords PPC Kit  :  Here

Adwords PPC Kit Contains

1. Ebook on How to Use Google Adwords
2. PPC Checklist
3. PPC Campaign Template

Ebook - Table of Contents

1. What is Paid Search? 
      a. Introduction
      b. Paid vs. Organic Search
2. How to Use Paid Search 
      a. Landing Page Testing
      b. Finding New Keywords
      c. Getting in the Game
      d. Paid Search Can’t Stand Alone
3. How Paid Search Works 
      a. Keywords, Ads, & Landing Pages
      b. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Bidding
      c. Quality Score
      d. Keyword Match Types
4. Your Google AdWords Strategy 
      a. Keyword Strategy
      b. Account Structure
      c. Setting Your Budget
      d. Optimizing Ad Copy
5. Measuring Your Success
      a. Defining the Four Basic Metrics
      b. Combining the Four Basic Metrics
6. Final Thought 
      a. Conclusion
      b. Additional Resources
      c. 2017 Adwords Innovations You Should Take Advantage of in 2018

PPC Campaign Template

This template will ensure every campaign you launch is set up correctly

1. Align each of your ad campaigns with the proper stage in the searcher's journey - awareness, consideration, or decision.
2. Break down what each line of copy your ad should include and which keywords it should contain.
3. Catch money-wasting mistakes. For example, not excluding cross-group negative keywords or breaching AdWords character limits.
4. Offer helpful PPC tips, best practices, and definitions as you set up your different ads.

PPC Checklist

1. Campaign pre-launch activities
      a. Goal Definition
      b. Competitive Analysis
      c. Audience Definition & Campaign Settings
      d. Keyword Research
      e. Setting Budget
      f. Conversion Tracking Setup
2. Organizing your campaign
      a. Campaign Organization/Naming
      b. Grouping Keywords in Adgroups
      c. Set Match Types
      d. Managing Cross-Group Negatives
      e. Creating Ads
      f. Ad Extensions
      g. Determining Bids
      h. Set up A/B Testing
      i. Kick off your Campaign
3. Running your campaign Daily
      a. Check your Budgets
      b. Adjusting Bids
      c. Checking Search Terms
4. Weekly Check-in
      a. Checking & Researching Keywords
      b. Creating New Ads/Replacing Poor Performers
5. Monthly Check-in
      a. Review the Performance Data
      b. Refine your Landing Pages
      c. Adjust Audience & Geo Targets

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