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How Can You Ensure People Pay Attention To Your Video Ads?

Youtube Bumper Ads

Recently, i read an article by Tara Walpert Levy, Google’s VP of Agency and Media Solutions on the topic, The definition of relevance has changed Here's is how to address it.

In this article she has discussed on day to day marketing problems like

1. How to ensure people pay attention to our video ads ? 
2. Making ads relevant to both the viewer and the moment
3. Right ingredients to successfully grab a consumer's attention
4. What are the 3 ways ads can miss the relevancy mark and fail to get attention ?
5. Data on Intent base targeting Vs Demographic/Psychographics based Targeting
6. New features in Youtube to deliver the discussed strategies

 I have created a graphic for the major 3 points that enables the people to pay attention to your video ads

Youtube Video Ads
Source: Content from Article written by Tara Walper Levy
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