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How to Market to B2B Customers Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large by Lauren Vaccarello

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Recently I happened to watch a video of Box, VP of Marketing, Lauren Vaccarello, delivering her speech on How to market to B2B customers Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large at "SaaStr 2017"

Please find excerpts from her speech

Top 10 things to know when marketing horizontal solutions
  1. Align with Sales
  2. Set Targets by Segment
    1. Companies
      1. Small < 100 employees - Marketing should source 50-60% of lead generation
      2. Medium 100 - 1000 employees - Marketing ownership 20-30% of lead generation
      3. Large >1000 employees - Marketing ownership 10% of lead generation
  3. Assign segment leads in marketing
  4. Build Segment Specific messaging
  5. Technology, automation and programmatic marketing is key for SMB
    1. Demandbase for reverse IP Lookup
    2. Radius or 6Sense for predictive
    3. Marketo Sales Insights to let sales know who's interested
    4. Optimizely for experimentation and personalization
    5. Conductor for SEO
    6. Intercom for in-app messaging
  6. Great Trial Experience
    1. Prepopulate some data
    2. In-app messaging and tutorial to onboard
    3. A/B test onboarding emails and behaviorally triggered emails
    4. Identify 'sticky' features in paid users and guide free trial to take those actions
  7. Nurture lead through the funnel (And it's not just email)
    1. Programmatic Onboarding
      1. In-app messaging to help onboard
      2. Tie product usage with marketing automation
      3. Keep sales looped in on progress through integration with marketing automation tool
  8. High touch and highly targeted account-based everything for upmarket
  9. Dealing with overlap
    1. Personalize
      1. Prospects - Sales Pitch
      2. Existing Customers - Upsell/Cross-sell
      3. Based on SMB and Enterprise
        1. Use Demandbase to segregate
  10. The role of marketing doesn't end at purchase
      1. Month 1 and Year 1 Engagement plan

Key Takeaways
  1. Segmentation is imperative
  2. Tailor your messaging
  3. If all else fails, align with sales
  4. Go high tech for SMBs
  5. Go high touch for Enterprise+
  6. Nurture your leads across channels
  7. Don’t forget to onboard and retain

To watch the entire video session, please visit here
To access the slides, please visit here


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