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Try Attribution Beta in Google Analytics

Google has released a new feature in Google Analytics - Attribution Beta

If you wonder what is attribution is? Let me explain the same

Attribution helps you to understand which channel and campaigns helped you to achieve the conversions

Eg: A Customer would have bought a watch in Amazon. But in the buying process, he would have lot of touchpoints

1. He would have searched for "Casio watches", Amazon would have populated the ad (PPC)
2. He left the website without purchasing. Later he will be followed several watch brand images (display ads)
3. Then the next day, he visits direct and searched for the specific Casio watch in black and made the purchase (direct)

This buyer's journey has 3 touch points.  PPC > Display Ads > Direct

Among above 3 channels, which one will get the actual credit is the biggest question mark?. To determine that, google analytics has Rules-based attribution models and Data-driven Attribution model

Rules-based Attribution Models

Attribution Models

In Google Analytics, most of you would have used Multi-Channel Funnels  (Top Conversion Paths, Model Comparision Tool) to understand the attribution data of your conversions across channels

Though rules-based attribution models gives some clarity on the buyer's journey, it is not enough, since it follow fixed rules for assigning conversion credit regardless of the conversion type or user behavior

Data-driven Attribution Model

There is another type of attribution model which will overcome the shortcomings in rule-based attribution model. It is called as Data-driven attribution model

Data-driven attribution distributes credits for the conversion based on observed data for each conversion type. It's different from the other models in that your account's data is used to calculate the actual contribution of each click interaction

Earlier, only rule-based attribution model is accessible through Google Analytics "Multi-Channel Funnels under Conversions"   Now both rules-based attribution model and Data-driven attribution model are available through Attribution Beta feature as a separate project.

Attribution Beta

Please find the below steps to activate the same and enjoy it for free

Step 1: Locate and Click on Attribution Beta feature found in the left menu bar

Step 2: Page Redirects to Welcome Attribution Page. Click on Get Started

Step 3: Choose your Account, Property and View and click Next

Step 4: Then Enable Conversion Types and click complete setup

Step 5: Wait for 72 hours which will allow google analytics to collect data for the first model

Step 6 : It takes a minimum 30+ days to collect data and prepare a robust model. So wait for the same

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