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What are the Key Metrics of App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization
Image by Camilo Garcia from Pixabay

Recently i have hired an digital marketing agency for App Store Optimization (ASO) for our mobile app both on google play store and app store.

App store optimization is new to me. So far i have worked extensively on seo for website and web app but not on app store optimization. So it is a new learning for me.

When i was researching on the key metrics for app store optimization, I came across the following video in youtube (Key Metrics for App Store Optimization)

He has explained well on the key metrics for App Store Optimization (ASO) for both google play store and app store. Sharing those metrics for your information

App Store

1. App Title
        a. 30 Characeres
        b. Highest Impact
2. Subtitle
        a. 30 Characters
3. Keyword Spot
        a. 100 Characters
        a. The velocity of downloaded numbers
5. Reviews and Ratings
6. Retention Rate
        a. The ratio of Active Users/Total Downloads

Google Play Store

1. App Title
        a. 50 Characters
2. Short & Long Description
        a. The short description is the first 200 characters of your long description
3. Keyword Density
4. Retention drawn from keyword
        a. Retention rate of downloads that came from a keyword
        b. So always have the most relevant keyword
5. Stability, File Size & Battery Usage
        a. Numerous bugs & crashes are an indication of poor app

Please feel free to comment any other metrics if i have missed


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