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How to Rank # 1 in Youtube in 2020 ? [Top 12 Youtube SEO Strategies]

    When I was researching the best youtube SEO videos, I came across the following videos by Brian Dean. His suggested strategies are very relevant and easy to implement. I request you to go through the video. Each video averages out to 10 mins. If it is difficult for you to spend so much time, I have eased your work by highlighting the major points suggested by him. Read it and implement it to grow your youtube rankings                              Source : YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 in YouTube in 2020                              Source: Video SEO - Rank Your Videos #1 in YouTube (Fast!) 1. Front-load your keywords          a. Use the target keyword at the beginning of your video 2. Boost Video engagement signals          a. Shares, Likes, Comments, Subscribe          b. Comments have more weightage          c. Hyper-specific Call to Action at the end of the video                    i. Eg: Comment - Which is the 2 strategies from the video they are going to use it 3. USE TAB formul